Snug Harbor Heritage Farm Spring 2013

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Closing Time!



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DSC_0797 Baby Bell

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October 2012

Carrots Hands Edit

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Snug Harbor made an adamantine commitment to the Staten Island community when Heritage Farm opened.  I think I can say without hesitation that Snug Harbor is maintaining that commitment, especially through its partnership with Blue restaurant.   The locavores of the North Shore will be pleased to know that Blue is now serving vegetables from the Heritage Farm.   Check out some of the specials below:

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The day hath come! The Farm Stand is open.

A Farm Stand was unveiled, a ribbon was cut, and pictures were taken on July 24, 2012.  Constituents, supporters, and volunteers alike came out to support Snug Harbor as it turned yet another corner in its history.  President and CEO Lynn Kelly sounded off numerous supporters and praised the hard work of Farm Manager Gus Jones and Farm Apprentice Bruce Spierer.

Assemblyman Titone assisted Lynn as the Master of Ceremonies and introduced Amanda Straniere of the Borough President’s Office and  Michael O’Brien, Esq of State Senator Diane J. Savino’s Office.   Eagle Scout candidate Robert Buzzard and Scoutmaster Joseph Schiavone were presented with Certificates of Appreciation from Snug Harbor and the various elected officials.  It was a rewarding day for all of those involved.

Antoine de Saint- Exupery compared the sacrifices made for a farm to those made on a battlefield.  All of those involved with a farm apply all of their strength and invest their heart into something that they believe in.  They undoubtedly will make great sacrifices for it.  Because of that investment or that sacrifice, moments like these are marked by feelings of unrestricted pride and excitement.   Seeing months of preparation and hard work matched by applause and admiration by the community only makes the victory sweeter.

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Are you pruning your tomatoes properly?

Gazing past the maze of kale, collards, and summer squash, one sees rows and rows of tall bamboo shoots.  Gus and Bruce used bamboo from the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden to help support their tomatoes.  Typically, NYC residents use cages or stakes to support tomato growth, but bamboo shoots work too, right? My family has been growing tomatoes for years; however, our tomato plants look unruly and wild compared to the elegantly displayed tomato plants here.

Gus has designated one acre of farmland for thirty varieties of tomatoes.  That’s right, THIRTY varieties.  You are just going to have to stop by and ask Gus to list off all thirty varieties or come by every week in August and try them all!

I asked Bruce to help me to tame my unruly tomato plants and he showed me how to prune tomatoes in a few simple steps.  Watch this video and learn how to prune YOUR tomatoes!


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